New Opportunities for Big Ears Music

18 Mar 19

This year has already seen excitement and shifts. I made a difficult decision to leave the Yorkshire College of Music and Drama where I have taught piano since 2006. This has meant saying goodbye to pupils who I have taught for a very long time. I have watched them grow (some literally!) and watched as they blossom into fine pianists - it has been such a pleasure. With blessings I now part ways with them on their musical journey and continue on mine. 

This decision now means that I have a little more space to develop Big Ears Music and all its associated projects. Practically it means I am now fully based in the Calder Valley, and my beautiful teaching/music room is more in service to me, my current students and new students. 

In the past 6 months, I have travelled to Georgia, Switzerland and I have just returned from Brazil. These musical and personal journeys have been incredibly enriching, stimulating and inspiring. I have seen communities completely changed for the better as a result of musical programmes. A sense of purpose has happened and a sense of pride restored or preserved. Talent has been honed, and chances have been given. On a personal sense, I have learned so much music, awareness of historical, cultural and geographical context, that simply cannot be experienced any other way than to visit the countries that hold such beautiful treasures. 

I feel absolutely blessed at being able to see and do these wonderful things. It is music that has brought me to these places and music that has taught me about life, its intricacies and pathsways.