Too much excitement at Big Ears Music HQ

25 Oct 18

Its been a really exciting few weeks, and I've been so busy I haven't had time to update the musical activities! Zarebi and I had a wonderful weekend celebrating peace with other local choirs and our special guests from Germany, with the wonderful yodeling group Rösen and choir Pi Canta. On Saturday I gave a Georgian singing workshop at The Birchcliffe Centre, where I taught the beautiful song 'Shen Khar Venakhi" and.... well obviously I had to introduce our German yodeling friends to Krimacnhuli (Georgian yodelling) It all went down a storm, and I even gave a private krimanchuli lesson the following Monday! On Sunday was the 'choir fest' held at Wainsgate Chapel and Sunday School. The day felt very supportive, all the choirs sang wonderfully, and of course I was very proud of Zarebi, as we stood linked together singing our beautiful Geogian songs. 

2 weeks later saw Sätteli on stage singing at Musicport Festival on a Friday night singing to a packed theatre in Whitby, unfortunately our warm audience were left calling for more, but we had run out of time! We did however manage to give out 12 free Sätteli EP's to our audience who had to guess what our special Swiss "objects" on stage were... free EP's for those you guessed correctly and those who gave most creative answers. Also performing at the festival were Baka Beyond, and the wonderful danceable band Mokoomba. On Saturday we gave a singing workshop, it was very well attended and so much fun. 

And tomorrow... Orixá Bloco will take to the pathways of the beautiful Lister Park, where we will parade fully illuminated as part of Cecil Green Arts at Museums at Night. After the parade we will be accompanying a fire performance and a gorgeous fire drawing with a pair of hands with flowers coming out of the middle.