Time for an unusual Christmas present?

02 Dec 20

It's the 2nd of December and once again we have the green light from the government that allows us to teach in person. It seems there is a ray of light at the end of the tunnel! At this time of year we are usually gearing up thinking about gifts for our loved ones, and organising Christmas get togethers- yet this year is different. This year has been unusual and challenging, and yet for many, without as much access to material gains, its also been a time for perspective. There is a feeling of a shift from the importance of the material to the experience, a growing awareness of our precious climate, an awareness to the value of community and how we support each other. Yesterday (the 1st December) on our local facebook page is the day when local businesses can advertise themselves. Its a delight so close to Christmas to see these local places, and I feel a natural inclination to support them. I also feel a natural inclination to get more creative this Christmas, by making handmade gifts and cards, and look for presents that are more of an 'experience'. Therefore I also wanted to put it out there that piano lessons could make a lovely and inspirational gift.

Playing the piano has been a constant in my life, since my first ever piano lesson and learning my middle C's, I knew even then without consciously thinking about it that music was what I was going 'to do'. Playing music has given me an enormous of pleasure over the years, I also feel how much it has improved my cognitive and mental abilities. Playing music is one of the most powerful ways to literally 'grow' your brain (hence the inspiration for the cover photo) Music develops your neuroplasticity (for adults as well as children) - this is the ability to rewire, train, learn through growth by making new connections, and therefore having amazing implications for neural development, learning, memory and restoration. When I sit and play the piano, sing or play percussion- I feel many things, a sense of calmness, a sense of achievement, a sense of well-being, a sense of the phrase 'music to the ears', I feel restored and inspired. I keep my motivation alive by listening to the amazing music that is out there in the world- both ancient and new. It is well to remember that Music is after all the language of emotions...... and  so if you are thinking about an alternative Christmas present this year.... stay local and get in touch!