Return to in person lessons

28 Aug 20

Finally the news has arrived that I have been waiting for! I can finally welcome my students back to my teaching room. This last week I have been preparing and emailing my piano students, to let them know what safety measures I will have in place. Its a new phase for everyone, as I enter into a routine to keep everyone safe and happy, and most importantly - relaxed and in a good place to learn. 

Zoom has been a friend to us teachers and group leaders during the pandemic, there are some things that simply are not possible and we have to think creatively (which is what we are good at after all!)  It worked better than I thought it would and I am ever ready to return to it if needs be. 

I am also leaving an online option available for people who don't feel ready to return to in person lessons, and this is of course fine. 

Gradually music is opening up again, but I feel it is with baby steps. I feel we must tread with care and responsibility while enjoying what these new freedoms have to offer. 

That said, I am so looking forward to this new stage. My music room is primed and ready to recieve!!