Helen's lockdown performance - Live at The Vale

07 Jul 20

This blog is a little late coming... however its been a strange time for many of us, staying and working at home, teaching via zoom and as it turns out, performing on facebook live. In April I was approached by The Vale Live (an arts centre based in Mossley and home to some of the most creative minds in the UK) to put together a solo live performance online. The date chosen was the 3rd of May, which was significant as this would have been my wedding day, now postponed until next year.

The performance presented a somewhat unique opportunity to me as I knew I'd be playing to a much wider audience from varied backgrounds. This gave me the freedom to choose repetoire that I might not normally put togther in the same performance.I crafted a carefully considered set of music from Chopin to contemporary, I also played original music, Cuban music, Bulgarian music and improvisations. The performance on facebook live had an amazing reception, with so many viewers and heartwarming comments flooding in as the performance went on. By the third day the facebook video had almost 3000 views! Unfortunately I can only put the youtube video here with not so many views, but this seemed a good option to be able to share it on for example my website blog. Enjoy!