Helen Curtis Music in 2020!

05 Jan 20

Phew, well that was a fantastic festive 2 weeks!  From family time around the piano on Christmas Eve to proudly watching my sister (and other half of Sätteli) cracking out a fantastic DJ set on New Years Eve. Now, rested and restocked I am ready to stir life back in to music making, teaching and planning  ahead for coming adventures in 2020. 

I have designed a new Helen Curtis Music business card, which at least to me is very exciting. I feel it conveys clearly what I do and lists in a quirky way everything here on my website.... Sätteli, Orixá Bloco, Georgian Song, Piano and percussion tuition, workshops, Charanga Del Norte and accompaniment. 

This year I want to celebrate creativity and growth. This creativity comes from and is essential to all conscious beings, and I am proud to be able to set up opportunities in music making in my local area Hebden Bridge, as well as beyond. I can afford to be proud about 2019 and I am excited about what this year 2020 will bring.... check the events page for opportunities, workshops and performances !